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George Polichroniadis was born in Athens in 1946. After a period of free studies, he entered the National School of Fine Arts in Athens studying painting under the supervision of  prof. Nikos Nikolaou. He has also studied and collaborated with the Greek painter Yiannis Tsarouchis.

His themes mostly deal with the human figure, still life as well as landscapes. He indulges in the secrets of the oil painting technique and the qualities of colour and his mastery in drawing is amazing based on his classical studies and influenced by the ancient Greek art, the Renaissance painting and Belle Epoque. His works of art are characterized by intense realism with emphasis on classical forms.

Apart from studio-work, he has also worked as a scene painter and stage designer for central theaters in Athens, for cinema productions and for the Greek television. Combining his interest for large-scale painting, he became in 1975 a regular associate of the National Opera House, where he painted the stage sets for various opera productions and ancient tragedies in the theatre of ‘Irodou Atticou’, the National Theatre and other sites.

 One of his most well known murals is the ceiling of the Athens “Rex” theatre (see photo) which extends in a diameter of 11 meters. For this work, he worked with the painter Yiannis Tsarouchis.

He has presented his work in various group and individual exhibitions in Athens and other major cities in Greece.

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George Polichroniadis with the painter Yiannis Tsarouchis at the house of the latter in Marousi, Athens, during the painting for the mural “workers at the well” of the “Rex” theatre in Athens.

George Polichroniadis, “Workers at the well”. Mural for the Rex theatre in Athens.


Selection of works and collaborations of George Polichroniadis:

Photographs of Georgeo Polichroniadis: 2013 © Fotis K. Sotiropoulos, all rights reserved