Angelos Panagiotidis

Angelos Panagiotidis was born in Amfilochia, Greece in 1950. His first exhibition was held at his studio in 1990, after twenty years of experimentation with various metals and other materials used in sculpture. During this time, a great deal of effort was dedicated to the study of the natural world, particularly the structure and forms of trees- the various stages of their lives and the changes they undergo during the different seasons. His research was conducted with the accuracy of a natural scientist, the passion of a cultivator and the style and taste of a poet. His profound knowledge of the materials used, acquired over those years of study, led him to create olive tree sculptures which look so natural that it is hard to believe that they are made by a human hand. Now, after a series of exhibitions that commenced back in 1995, these sculptures are not only instantly recognizable but have come to be seen as classic representations of the olive tree in contemporary sculpture.

The culmination of his creative career was the exhibition at the “Titanium- Yiayiannos Gallery” as well as his participation during the same period in an important event organized as a part of the exhibition “Olympiad: The World of the Olive” at the Theofilos Museum in Vareia, Mytilene and at the St. Mark’s Basilica in Heraklion, Crete; the exhibition at the Olive Museum in Sparta; the “In Praise of the Olive” (Ελαίας Εγκώμιον) exhibition at the Athens Academy and the event staged at the Water Esplanade (Faliro, Athens) as part of the Coca Cola sponsorship of the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Various Olympic winners, athletes, politicians and world- class personalities have been awarded with his sculptures among others the President of the Olympic Committee, Mr Jacques Rogge, Greek former Olympic athletes Pyrros Dimas and Nikos Kaklamanakis , the Greek National Polo Women’s Team, the former president of the Greek Parliament Mr. Apostolos Kaklamanis & Ms Anna Psarouda-Benaki.
During the Olympic Games of Athens (2004) the first 3 winners of the Olympic Classical Marathon (the Italian, Stefano Baldini, the American, Keflezighi Mebrahtom and the Brazilian Lima Vanderlei) were all awarded with gold olive wreaths made by the artist. The Slovak long- distance runner Matanin Marcel was also honored with a gold wreath upon his entrance to the Panathenaic Stadium, as the final athlete to complete the men’s marathon, thus marking the conclusion of the Games in Athens and as a symbol of the exponent of “fair play” worldwide (30/09/2004). Additionally, the Municipality of Amfilochia has honored with a gold wreath, the Greek bronze medalist of the 100 metres event Paraskevi Katza. In May 2005 during the visit of the Greek prime minister Mr. Karamanlis to the U.S. was given a bronze  olive tree  as a gift to President G.W. Bush.

Angelos Panagiotidis is the creator of the “Olive tree of Athens” a bronze and copper sculpture of 3.30 meters in height, consisting of 5,000 brass leaves which was exhibited during the Olympic Games in Athens at the Park Donor (Water Plaza) at the Palaio Faliro, where 5,000 guests put their signature on each of the 5,000 leaves of the tree. The art work is now permanently exhibited at the “Technopolis” site in Athens. This was sponsored by the Coca Cola Hellas in the Municipality of Athens as a memorial tribute to the Olympic Games. Finally all the Paralympians were honored with a small copy of the “Olive Tree, the tree of Athens.

Works by the artist can be seen in the National Bank of Greece, the Bank of Piraeus, the Alpha Bank, the Center of Arts and Letters  “Diexodos” in Messolongi, the Olive Museum in Sparta, the Olive Museum in Mytilene, the Olive factory in Dromonero, Chania, the  Christos and Sophia Moschandreou Gallery  in Messolonghi and in the headquarters of Coca Cola in Athens and in Atlanta. Also copies of artworks of the “Olive Tree, the tree of Athens” offered by the Sponsor of the Olympic Games, Coca Cola to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and the Olympic Committee in Beijing.
His works are still in the Security Council of the United Nations and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.
Additionally artist’s works could be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. In 2003-2004 the artist has cooperated with the  Greek Post Office and his works  included in the collection of art objects. He was honored by UNESCO for his participation with an artwork at the Olympic Games Athens 2004

Solo exhibitions

1995 TITANIUM Gallery
1996 TITANIUM Gallery
1998 TITANIUM Gallery,
1998 KOYROS Gallery, Tripoli
1999 KIVOTOS Gallery
2000 ECLECTIC Gallery, Melissia
2001 ANNY BALTA Gallery, Thessaloniki
2001 Athens Concert Hall organization Contemporary Art Centre, Chania
2001 KIVOTOS Gallery
2001 POLYEDRO Gallery, Patra
2006 AMYMONE Gallery, Ioannina, Greece Argo Gallery
2007 FINE ARTS KAPOPOULOS Gallery, Mykonos
2009 METAMORFOSIS Gallery, Thessaloniki
2009 CRYSA Gallery, Katerini

Group Exhibitions

1996 Ephemeral Event- TITANIUM Gallery / Nocturno 96 – TITANIUM Gallery

1997 Summer 97 – TITANIUM/ KIVOTOS Gallery / KIVOTOS Gallery

1998 ARTFORUM Gallery, Thessaloniki/ KIVOTOS Gallery/ Christmas 98 KIVOTOS Gallery

1999 KIVOTOS Gallery/Artquake Benaki Museum / POLYEDRO Gallery, Patra/ Art Forum Vilka Gallery/AGRONET Greek-German Education/ KYDONEIOS Museum,Andros/ Summer ASTIR OF PAROS, Paros/Summer RARITY Gallery, Mykonos

2000 POLYEDRO Gallery, Patra/ Welcome 2000, KIVOTOS Gallery/ Dawn of 2000 KIVOTOS Gallery/January KOUROS Gallery, Tripoli/ RARITY Gallery, Mykonos/ ERGANI Gallery, Halkida/ KIVOTOS Gallery /ASTIR OF PAROS Gallery, Paros/ Art Space Gallery, Athens/WORLD FINE ART GALLERY, New York

2001 KIVOTOS Gallery /ARTHOUSE Mylos, Thessaloniki/ MILLENNIUM, Patra/ YIAYIANNOS GALLERY/ KIVOTOS Gallery/ ASTIR OF PAROS, Paros / RODAVGI Gallery, St. Stefanos/KOUROS Gallery, Tripoli/ Amphilochia Cultural Center.


2003 BALAS Gallery Mykonos/Autom brushstrokes, KIVOTOS Gallery/ POLYEDRO Gallery, Patras/Museum of Cycladic Art2004 Christmas IRIS Gallery /First of May, Municipality of Philothei/Spring IRIS Gallery /ARTFORUM, Mykonos/ the WORLD of OLIVE, Museum Theofilos/ the WORLD of OLIVE, Vasiliki of St. Markos, Heraklion/ CONTEMPORARY GREEK ARTISTS, TO MILO Arts Centre / 2nd International Festival of Art “Chania 2004” Athens Concert Hall organization Contemporary Art Centre, Chania OMMA/“Elaias Egkomion (In praise of the Olive)”,ATHENS ACADEMY  BUILDING/ KIVOTOS Gallery /ART CITY MICHALARIAS/Marathon tour of world TITANIUM YIAYIANNOS GALLERY/Walk in Gallery, TITANIUM/ POLYEDRO Gallery, Patra.

2005 “Elaias Egkomion” (In praise of the Olive ) in the ancient Olive grove Academy Athens Municipality Peristeri/ In praise of the Olive ”, Museum G.I. Katsigra, Larissa/ 3rd International Festival of Art Chania 2005/TITANIUM YIAYIANNOS GALLERY/Art gallery Christos and Sophia Moschandreou- Mesologgi/ IRIS Gallery /Astir of Paros

2006 “ In praise of the Olive ” Panthessaliko Stadium, Volos/Astir of Paros, Paros/ Fine Arts KAPOPOYLOS, Mykonos /ARGO Gallery/ Space of Art IKASTIKOS KIKLOS/ TITANIUM YIAYIANNOS Gallery ‘“summer ascent”/METROntas the LOVE, Attiko Metro/ “Mary Alexiou’ Gallery/ /“Elaias Egkomion” (in praise of the olive) Building of General Assembly of United Nations, N.York USA/ Concession of artwork in the frame of attendance of Ministry of Culture in the 3rd International Exhibition of Book, Thessaloniki/ TRIGONO Gallery, Kifisia/Post Collection of (ELTA) GREEK POST, / Auction “Make A Wish”/Natassa Lavda Gallery/Gallery IRIS/Fish and Olive Gallery, Chalki, Naxos.

2007 Red Gallery, Psyrri, Athens/ “Elaias Egkomion” Museum of Ancient Olympia/ YRIS Gallery, Athens/ AMYMONI Gallery, Ioannina/ MILO Gallery, Athens/ Auctions of artworks by KAPOPOYLOS, Athens, Cyprus/ Natassa Lavda Gallery/IKASTIKOS KIKLOS “Sexual intercourses / IKASTIKOS KIKLOS ` Small drawings and sculptural’/Fine Arts KAPOPOYLOS, the Gift, Athens / IKASTIKOS KIKLOS ` Motive is a tree’/Hilton, Athens, assiduity of exhibition of Vicky Drakoy/ KAPOPOYLOS Fine Arts, Mykonos/TITANIUM YIAYIANNOS Gallery ”, “summer ascent”/Astir of Paros, Paros /Art Space, Santorini/Post Collection of (ELTA) GREEK POST, choice of artist’s artworks/Auction KAPOPOYLOS, Cyprus

2008 Five years solitary notes, MILO Technochoros/ Arte Cuadro, Kifisia/Astir Of Paros/ MILO Technochoros “FOR SALE»/ Kapsiotis Gallery, Piraeus/ “Talking” MILO Technochoros/ Small Drawings and Sculptural, IKASTIKOS KIKLOS, Athens / Kapsiotis Gallery / KIVOTOS Gallery/ “Sexual intercourses” IKASTIKOS KIKLOS

 2009  ART ATHINA, IKASTIKOS KIKLOS / “Stories of Landscape”, Vasiliki St Markos, Irakleio/ Ministry of Culture/ “Oil factory”, Factory of Art, Dromonero Chania/ “Stories of Landscape”, Loutra Aeridon, Plaka-Athens, Museum of Greek Art/Earth, Water and Air, Ichnilaton Gallery/Astir of Paros/SHOW MUST GO ON, MILO Technochoros /Celebrations of Artists, Kapsiotis Gallery /Small drawings and sculptural, IKASTIKOS KIKLOS/Art Space, Santorini

2010 Art Bazaar, , IKASTIKOS KIKLOS/ARGO Gallery/ Astir Of Paros/Summer Ascent, Titanium/Aura Arboris, St.George Lycabetus Hotel/Oil factory, Art and Technology, Man And Machine, Dromonero Chania/ Art Space, Santorini/ Titanium Gallery, Christmas 2010/Labdas Gallery

2011  With one drachma in the art, TITANIUM Gallery /Bread, Wine, Oil. Feasts of exits 2011, Diexodos Museum, Mesologgi/TEM SANAT GALLERY, Istanbul, Natura 2011 – Eygenideio Institution