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Yiannis Koutrikas

Yiannis Koutrikas CV

Yiannis Koutrikas was born in Kalamata in 1954. From 1966 to 1978, he lived in Chicago, USA, where he studied Biology in the University of Illinois.

On his return to Greece, he studied painting in the National School of Fine Arts in Athens (1982–1987) under the supervision of Dimitris  Mytaras. After graduating, he won a scholarship by the State Scholarship Institute for the “Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux – Arts” in Paris. Moreover, he was a student of Yannis Tsarouhis for seven years and of painter Dimitris Perdikidis for a short period of time. His themes cover the area of landscape and anthropocentric compositions with an expressionist spirit.

He has presented his works of art in individual exhibitions (“Hydrohoos”, 1982, “Zygos”, 1985, “K7 Art Gallery”, 1986, Thessaloniki, 1988, “Andinor”, 1989, “Chrysothemis”, 1990, “Titanium”, 1993, “Ersis”, 1995 etc)  and he has also taken part in group exhibitions  (“Hydrohoos”, 1982, “Andinor”, 1990, Art Gallery of the Municipality of Rhodes, 1994, Art Gallery of the Municipality of Patras, 1994, “Ersis”, 1007, “Metopi”, 1997 etc.).

His works of art can be found in the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Rhodes, Patras etc.

He is a member of the Chamber of Plastic Arts of Greece (EETE).

(Dictionary of Greek Artists, “Melissa” Publishing house, Volume 2, page 317)


Available works

Critical Notes

by Manos Stefanidis

Koutrikas is a painter of extraordinary technical potentials, giving emphasis in the monumental form and the themes of  ethology and religion. His main references are G. Iakovidis, Sp. Vikatos but also Lovis Corinth. Carrying such a historical “arsenal”, Koutrikas’ case is extremely interesting. Moreover he offers work to the historians of the future.

Koutrikas, a painter of  the glance, knows that whatever we look dies. We possess the  final- unappealable characteristic of the Medusa. Therefore, art is a tantalizingly bitter-sweet, tenderly sharp comment on this death. In other words, our death.

(Greek museum, Seven centuries of Greek Painting, Volume 9, page 28, ET publications)

Photographs of Yiannis Koutrikas: © Fotis K. Sotiropoulos, all rights reserved