Innessa Orlik

Innessa Orlik CV

Innessa Orlik was born in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied painting at the National School of Fine Arts in Tbilisi (1982- 1987) graduating with honors. In 1982 she won the first prize in the “International Exhibition of Young Artists” competition which organized in Lithuania. From 1987 to 1990 she taught painting in the secondary education of Tbilisi. In 1985 she presented her first solo exhibition in Tbilisi followed by two more in 1988 and 1990 in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively. During that time she also participated in various group exhibitions.

She draws her inspiration  from the ancient Greek mythology (Alexander the Great, Venus, Jason, Greek gods and goddesses), history but also from the Greek landscape (Santorini, ancient ruins, temple columns etc.) Her portraiture and figure postures are greatly influenced by the Byzantine hagiography and the Renaissance painting. Based on all the previous elements, she creates mixed technique compositions often with a three dimensional surface utilizing a variety of material like paper and gold leaves. Apart from painting she is at the same time a successful hagiographer (religious icon painting) contributing in the painting of various churches in the city of Athens (Metamorfosi Sotiros church, Moschato, Athens) and in various monasteries in the Mani region, Peloponnese.

Since 1991 she lives and works in Greece. Her works of art can be found in various collections around the world (New York, Paris, and Rome).

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