Betty Tsigarida

Betty Tsigarida CV

Betty Tsigarida was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied painting in the National School of Fine Arts in Athens (1982-1987) under the supervision of Dimitris Mytaras (1982-1983) and Ilias Dekoulakos (1983-1987). From Dekoulakos she was also taught the airbrush painting technique. During the same time (1985-1987), she also studied sculpture under the supervision of Thimios Panourgias.

She has presented her works in individual exhibitions (“Livadia Cultural Centre”, Livadia, Greece 1989∙ “Alaca Imaret Mosque”, Thessaloniki 1985 ∙ “Ersi art gallery, Athens 2001) and has participated in various group exhibitions.

Her works can be found in private and public collections in Greece.

She is a member of the Chamber of Plastic Arts of Greece (EETE).

Available works

Airbrush painting:

With this particular technique, the artist uses the airbrush instead of the traditional brush. Through an air compressor and a pipe connected to the airbrush, the compressed air is pumped in and in effect the airbrush  “sprays” the colour onto the various surfaces (canvas, wood, etc.)

The colour is pumped in the airbrush from the airbrush bowl or jar and then moves to an injector that leads to the needle and the nozzle -where the needle rests- at the end of the airbrush. The thinner the needle , the thinner will be the line sprayed. Also, by adjusting the needle cap accordingly, more or less quantity of paint will be sprayed on the surface.

This technique is perfect for the creation of photorealistic works of art with a fine accuracy in design and in producing detailed highlights and shades, tone fluctuations as well as very thin textures.