The gallery

Our history begins in 1963, when Konstantinos Sotiropoulos established an art gallery under his name at the center of Athens.

Since then, more than half a century has passed. This tradition continues by his two sons, Fotis and George, who they pursue to present in the same renovated space, painting and sculpture by contemporary Greek and foreign artists.

In the era of digital technology and digital imaging, painting and especially canvas painting, has to compete with the new art forms. Seeking works of art that communicate and express the contemporary has never been more challenging. At the Sotiropoulos Art Gallery, we continue our creative efforts in presenting artists and works of art that either the classical and the tradition or radically innovate.




Fotis Sotiropoulos:

Fotis studied Business Administration BA (Hons) in London (1996- 2000) specializing in Arts Marketing.

George Sotiropoulos:

George studied conservation of works of art in Athens specializing in the conservation of oil paintings. He has worked as a trainee conservator at the National Gallery of Athens.