Antonis Athanasiou

Αντώνης Αθανασίου

Antonis Athanasiou was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Conservation of Works of Art at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece graduating in 1998. He continued with  painting and sculpture studies (2004- 2010) at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the studios of Professor Jannis Psychopedis and Professor N. Tranos respectively. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. He currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Solo exhibitions

2017 ΠΕΡΙΤΕΧΝΩΝ Karteris- Athens, Greece.

2016 ΠΕΡΙΤΕΧΝΩΝ Karteris- Athens, Greece.

2012 ADAM Gallery (jointly with M. Ktistopoulou), Athens, Greece.

2011 ADAM Gallery, Athens, Greece.

Group exhibitions

2015 «Greek toy in Art», ΣτοArt Korai- Athens.

2015 «Φύσεως ου- τοπία» Municipality of Athens Cultural Center.

2014 «Μ’ ένα ποδήλατο πετάω» The Ch. & S. Moschandreou Aitoloakarnanian Gallery of Modern Art.

2014 Ουτοπία 2, Venus Art Gallery, Paros, Greece.

2014 «Παιχνίδι χωρίς σύνορα» Art Center of Municipality of Athens.

2014 «Μ’ ένα ποδήλατο πετάω» Municipal Gallery of Arta, Greece.

2013 Gallery F, Karditsa, Greece.

2012 Gallery F, Karditsa, Greece.

2011 «Η Μόδα Πολεμά τον Καρκίνο του Στήθους»

2011 Goulandris Natural History Museum, Athens, Greece.

2011 ADAM Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2011 «+θέσεις», Trigono gallery, Athens, Greece.

2011 «Αέναη Πτήση», Cultural Center of Olympic Airways, West Airport of Athens, Athens, Greece.

2011 Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece exhibition, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens, Greece. 2010 ADAM gallery, Athens, Greece.

2008 «Καταγράφω την πραγματικότητά μου», «Eyes+Is», Technopolis, Athens, Greece.

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